Immature & Self Centered

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Featured Post, Youth
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I just want to share this to inspire our MEN, our young professionals to do the right thing, and to the college or graduating college students to think before you make a move.

First to the students who feel like they are independent but they aren’t. You should think about these things:

You are still dependent on your parents, unless you are the one paying for your school and allowances. Shame on you thinking about dating women with your allowance. You’ve asked your Dad to increase your allowance so that you could date the girl that you’ve been bragging about to your friends? You feel like you’re cool/handsome, but you’re not. If my daughter were the same age as you now, I would never trust you and let her be friends with you if your intention is to just have a short time relationship with her. Yes short time. Why? Because you also don’t know if you will marry her. So why waste time and money dating?

Women take note of this, if the guy that you “love” is like this, think again, because his father is the one paying for your date night. If he loses his money, oops I mean his dad’s money for your date, sorry, he can’t bring you home anymore. He probably has just the exact amount of money for his jeepney fare going home, and his dad will be mad if he gets home late and he will blame you.

You said it is love. But my question is do you really know what love is? You might want to read my wife’s blog about “Love is a commitment”. It means that you are committed to love the person even when there are times you don’t feel it. What if that emotion of yours will fade? What if you find out that she said you are just friends, while you’ve been telling her that you will wait for her? And then here you are bragging to your friends about a new girl that you like. Immature, that’s what I call you.

For the young professional men who are in the season of looking for a life time partner, read this before you find a perfect woman.

Men, wake up! There is no perfect woman for an imperfect guy like you. Pastor Neil Benardino asked me, “How do you see yourself with Phoebe?” I answered right away “married with kids,” not thinking if she might have a bad attitude or a bad past, if she might be a self-centered person, if she might not be a patient girl. In short, I was not thinking about her being a perfect woman. Because I am not a perfect guy. I have bad attitudes. Being self-centered? You wouldn’t know if you are not a self-centered person until YOU get married and have children. We are all works in progress. I am saying this because I heard about some men who dropped their relationship because they said that the woman was so self-centered & selfish, they couldn’t handle it anymore. What if you didn’t see that quality during your courtship and you promised that you will marry her for better or worse? Then you got married to that person, and you found out that she is so selfish and self-centered. Are you going to drop your marriage too? Or maybe you are just thinking about yourself. If your attitude is like that, let me ask you, who is self-centered now?

There will be more discoveries when you are married. When you discover those imperfect little things in her, ask yourself too about those imperfect things in your life. Your attitude, the way you react in certain situations. The way you handle conflicts, the way you spend your money and the way you control your emotions. Are you ready?

  1. […] I remember what Pastor King Lucero called those boys who courts a girl while they are still dependent with their parents –  self-centered and immature. […]

  2. Pas! thank you for this. But why is it that the first thing i imagined is to have a family with her and hindi ko pa naman siya kilala?

    hehehe.. wala lang tanong lang.. normal lang ba?

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